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.NET / ASP.NET Careerjet job search API

Here is what you need to use the Careerjet job search API from your .NET application or from your ASP.NET pages.


The Careerjet assembly has been compiled for .NET 2.0.


The Careerjet assembly depends on the .NET 2.0 assembly of Json.NET. For your convenience, we've already included it in the zip file we provide.


Download WebServiceCareerjet.zip. It contains 2 dlls:


Make sure your .NET application or your ASP.NET pages are linked to these dlls.


You can find the Assembly documentation here.

Example script

Here is an example of an ASP.NET page written in C#:

<%@ Page Language="C#" %>
<%@ Import Namespace="WebService.Careerjet" %>
<%@ Import Namespace="Newtonsoft.Json.Linq" %>
   <title>My ASPx test</title>
WebService.Careerjet.Client c = new WebService.Careerjet.Client("en_GB");
Hashtable cargs = new Hashtable() ;
cargs.Add("keywords" , "sales manager");
cargs.Add("location" , "london");
cargs.Add("pagesize" , "2" );

JObject res = c.Search(cargs);
if( res.Value<string>("type").Equals("JOBS")){
<h1><% Response.Write(res["hits"]); %> jobs
found on <%  Response.Write(res["pages"]); %> pages.</h1>
 foreach( JToken job in res["jobs"].Children()){
  <h3><a href="<% Response.Write(job.Value<string>("url"));%>">
  <% Response.Write(job.Value<string>("title")); %>

  <div><% Response.Write(job.Value<string>("date"));%></div>
  <div><% Response.Write(job.Value<string>("locations"));%></div>
  <div><% Response.Write(job.Value<string>("salary"));%></div>
  <div><% Response.Write(job.Value<string>("company"));%></div>
  <div><% Response.Write(job.Value<string>("description"));%></div>
  <div><% Response.Write(job.Value<string>("site"));%></div>
 } // End of jobs loop
} // End of if JOBS
if( res.Value<string>("type").Equals("LOCATIONS")){
 <h3>Ambiguous location</h3>
  foreach( JToken location in res["solveLocations"].Children()){
    <span><% Response.Write(location.Value<string>("name")); %></span>
    <span><% Response.Write(location.Value<string>("location_id")); %></span>
  } // End of locations loop
} // End of if LOCATIONS