Full Time Weekend Morning guard

Planned Companies
South Amboy, NJ
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Schedule: Friday - Monday 7am -3pm


SORA Required

Drivers License Required

Location of Property : Monroe, NJ

We need reliable people who are always on time in a perfect uniform that care about the customer and will go above and beyond the call of duty every time. Ensuring that our properties have a safe environment is critical to the success of the organization. This role needs to patrol the site and follow safety protocols to make sure every resident and tenant is in the safest environment possible. Being detailed oriented and managing your daily duties are essential, all while providing the client with and enjoyable and pleasant experience. Here are some potential responsibilities;
  • Provide onsite security presence to deter, address, and report suspicious activity
  • Responsible for meeting, greeting and directing tenants, guests, employees, and visitors
  • Verify and record visitor information; control access at the property
  • Monitor CCTV monitors for suspicious activity; change and maintain surveillance tapes
  • Conduct routine patrols of the premises; prevent and detect signs of intrusion/theft/vandalism, and ensure security of doors, windows and gates
  • Circulate among visitors, patrons, and employees to preserve order and protect property
  • Enforce property policies and procedures; investigate disturbances
  • Challenge suspicious individuals and contact authorities regarding illegal activities
  • Act as a deterrent to trespassers
  • Answer alarms and respond to emergencies, including medical and building; call emergency personnel such as Police or Fire Departments in the event of an emergency
  • Assist with evacuations
  • Report safety concerns or building malfunctions to management (i.e. light bulb, leaks, property damage, theft, etc.)
  • When necessary, escort visitors to different locations throughout the property
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Planned Security

SORA Required

Drivers License Required

Location of Property : Monroe, NJ ( near Freehold)

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January 24
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