Marketing Media Manager / Crm

Lakewood, WA
We are looking for a tech savvy marketing manager to join us. She/he will be responsible to operate and manage the company’s CRM. Should be able to do so while simultaneously automating the CRM, so the marketing material flows consistently through the funnels to reach out to clients. She/he must have proven experience or solid skills to enhance the company’s web presence. She/he should be able to identify the need for the right/desirable marketing material to be displayed on the right/most suited social media platform. A good match for this job will be someone who has the technical as well as marketing ability to create profitable long-term relations with clients by utilizing the CRM and by enhancing the company’s brand image on social-media. Responsibilities: • Review the company’s web presence (website, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube). Present the detailed findings on what needs to be changed/improved. Share the recommendations and strategies on how to implement the changes. • Research and compare the CRMs from the list of options (Most resources will be provided). Select (in consultation with the employer) the most suited Database/CRM for the company, after sharing the pros-cons of each available option. • Present the way forward by categorizing the data for CRM. Strategize the information flow for each category of clients. • Start operating the CRM by gathering and punching in the data from ‘all’ sources (can be discussed in person). Focus on automating the CRM and initiating an effective drip campaign for the company. • Consistently managing, reporting on and ensuring that the CRM is dealing with the future and current clients, is managing the client interaction effectively And is optimizing the company’s relationship with the pool of clients in a profitable manner. • Perform the Facebook Lead-Generation task (using the company’s program) • Create marketing content for weekly mailings • Utilize the current marketing inventory to enhance and promote company’s image. Post or showcase the material on the most suited social-media platform. • Regularly Identify the need and (preferably) share ideas to create new marketing material for each upcoming national/local holiday or occasion throughout the year (for example Christmas, Independence Day, Father’s Day etc). • Maintain a strong online company’s presence through social media, by posting content based on specific business goals. • Conduct market research to follow the trends and competition. Qualifications: • Hands-on experience or proven skills of operating and working with CRMs/Clients Relation Database. • Adept at managing and dealing with technicalities of CRM aspects like contact management, information categorization, reporting and dashboards, lead management, deals and tasks, drip campaign management, email tracking, sales campaign and automation. • Must be social media savvy. Must be skilled at web publishing. • Demonstrated ability of promoting a brand on social-media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn). Familiarity with the commonly used social media marketing tools/applications. • Technical skills like basic software development, fundamental graphic design and ability for basic troubleshooting, are considered necessary. • Ability to use the right language to entice the right audience, based on specific business goals (for marketing pieces) • Being up-to-date with the job relevant latest technologies, is an add-on. • Two years (and plus) experience is a bonus, but we do encourage fresh candidates with demonstrated abilities and proven skills desired for the job. Must-Have Qualities: • Very organized. • Can smoothly prioritize. • Proactive. About Company: Who We Are : Rizwan Awan, is an accomplished and consistently awarded (on regional as well as national levels) Realtor. He has been pursuing this career for over a decade and has served both Pierce and King County, with some record making sales. He owns and runs his business under a company named ‘Rizwan Awan & Associates’ but also affiliates himself with Weichert Realtors Premier Properties. He expects to hire a team member who can work in an office located in Lakewood, and is available for 15-20 hours/week (there is a potential for being promoted to full time)

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September 21
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