Meat Clerk/Wrapper

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  • Memphis, TN
  • Permanent
  • Part-time
  • 4 months ago

PURPOSE STATEMENT: To maximize sales and profit in the Meat Department through wrapping/displaying of meat products and courteous customer service.

SIGNIFICANT JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: * To greet all customers, respond to customer questions/requests and explain store policies in a courteous manner.
  • To use product knowledge when selling to customers at the case.
  • To identify the various cuts of meat. Weigh wrap/package products in a clean, neat and attractive package that customers want to purchase.
  • To write down customers special orders/requests.
  • To prepare/organize the cooler/freezer/backroom/preparation area for receipt of merchandise, unload trucks, verify the merchandise against the invoice, inspect the delivery for quality/shortages/damage, sort cases for stocking or product preparation and code date the product.
  • To clean department floors, mirror, case, racks, tables, cooler, freezer, department equipment, product preparation area, and shelves. Safely use cleaning equipment and chemicals.
  • To load stocking carts/pallets, transport cases/product to sales floor/ cooler/freezer/product preparation area either on stocking carts or pallets, match the case strip to the shelf/case tag/stock, open cases, place merchandise in the designated cooler/freezer/case/shelf/display position/area, check the product code/freshness date and "face/front"/rotate the front row of each display.
  • To assure the safety of self, customers and co-workers by understanding and practicing store safety rules and notifying a supervisor of any potential hazard immediately. Pick up/remove all trash/boxes/packing materials from the sales floor or product preparation area immediately.
  • To perform miscellaneous tasks assigned by supervisors and managers, substituting for absent workers and performing any additional tasks necessary to provide products and services to customers during peak periods of business.
  • To understand the operations, safety requirements and restraints of a baler, case cutter, pallet jack, intercom, pricing gun, grinder, tenderizer, saw, knife, slicer, scales, wrapper, smoker, (must be 18 years or older to operate the pallet jack, fork lift, baler, grinder, smoker, tenderizer, saw and slicer).
  • To count and record individual items of merchandise for inventory.
  • To change department pricing on the scale system as directed and manually price mark/label merchandise without an UPC code.
  • To evaluate product quality and move damaged/unsalable and "returnable" products from the shelf/case to the backroom for re-processing into a saleable form or marking the product down in price.
  • To use the proper case opening and product stacking techniques to prevent damage to product.
  • To remove trash from the aisle or product preparation area and operate the baler.
  • To change signs, light bulbs, shelf signs/tags and price markers on the case/shelf display.
  • To communicate with the department manager on problems, recommendation for change and merchandising ideas.
  • To check case and cooler/freezer temperatures 3 times daily.
  • To record "out-of-stock" conditions and the time they occur, report to the department manager.
SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Meat Wrappers report directly to the Meat Department Manager.


REQUIRED: * Basic mathematical ability (add, subtract, multiply, divide) and ability to count.
  • Able to give/receive complex verbal instructions/descriptions to/from supervisors/co-workers/employees concerning store/department policy/procedures and use of equipment.
  • Able to pass basic physical examination and drug screen.
  • A stable work and educational history.
  • The ability to read and write English. Able to read instructions, merchandise labels, warehouse order codes, numbers, reports, printed paper invoices and order forms.
  • Make judgments concerning the placement of merchandise on the shelf/display (spatial relationship), case opening procedures, extent of unsalable product damage, conversation with customers, selling of product, display of product, use of packaging materials for product, quality of product for display and ordering of processed items.
  • Able to open cases and stock so that products will not be damaged.
  • Able to clearly price mark/label products for customers and cashiers.
  • Good interpersonal communications.
PREFERRED: * High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Prior experience in a related type of job.
  • Prior experience operating a baler, case cutter, cleaning/sanitation equipment, pallet jack, intercom, pricing gun, grinder, tenderizer, saw, knife, slicer, scales, wrapper, smoker, (must be 18 years or older to operate the pallet jack, fork lift, baler, grinder, smoker, tenderizer, saw and slicer).
TASKS OF THE JOB -- This position generally requires: * Mobility:
  • To move cases from truck/pallet to backroom/preparation area, approximately 25 yards.
  • To move cardboard/packing material from the sales floor to the backroom, approximately 25 yards.
  • To move excess cases/damaged product from the sales floor to backroom storage, approximately 25 yards.
  • To move to backroom of store for supplies/product/maintenance equipment and return, approximately 25 yards.
  • To move to operate product production equipment in production area, approximately 25 yards.
  • To check the case/cooler/freezer temperature 4 times daily, approximately 25 yards.
  • Work on tile or concrete for a maximum of 8 hours in duration.
  • Lift a maximum of 80 lbs. from 6 inches to 36 inches.
  • Lift a maximum of 80 lbs. from 6 inches to 84 inches on to overhead/ cooler/freezer storage rack.
  • Move cardboard into baler, approximately 4 feet.
  • Move a maximum of 80 lbs. up to 10 yards.
  • Pick up/move/attach signage/sort/open"face/front" case/item/trash from floor/shelf/cart/pallet/cooler/freezer storage.
  • Use maintenance and product transportation equipment.
  • Reach forward/down with both hands up to 36" inches to prepare and package product on table/wrapper/ wrapping machine.
  • Use both hands to attain merchandise/cases on the top shelf of cooler/freezer storage shelves/rack, up to 84 inches from the floor.
  • Reach forward/down with both hands up to 36 inches to attain merchandise on stocking cart, multi-tray rack or pallets.
  • Reach forward/down with both hands up to 36 inches to clean shelves/floor area or control maintenance/stocking equipment.
  • Reach forward/down/up with both hands up to 36 inches to place items on shelving/displays and in cases/freezer.
  • Reach up to full extension of arms to place signs, banners and light bulbs in place.
  • Handle labels/signs/tags.
  • Handle case cutter/utility knife.
  • Grasp and handle wet/iced/cold/metal/paper/plastic products.
  • Handle cardboard/packaging and debris.
  • Manipulate maintenance equipment handles/grasps/knobs.
  • Twist at the waist while cleaning, cutting/opening, packaging, sorting, loading/unloading, moving/removing merchandise and stocking merchandise.
  • Move stocking carts, pallet jacks (up to 300 lbs.) and maintenance equipment approximately 25 yards.
  • Move display fixtures and product preparation equipment.
  • Climb on ladders, racks, cases, shelving, and stairs up to 3 feet in height.
  • Balance on cases of product and cooler/freezer rack.
  • Balance on wet, slick, dirty and debris-strewn floors.
  • Pick up cardboard, packaging and debris from floor.
  • Perform maintenance and sanitation function.
  • See cases, case cutter edge, case strips, shelf location, product size/ description, equipment controls, case load limits, price marking equipment, department production equipment, customers, co-workers, shelf tags, labels on products, stocking carts, temperature gauges/controls, invoice/packing slip, code date, reports, packaging materials, debris on floor, aisle markers, and signs.
  • Perceive color difference of product and product labels.
  • Recognize cleaning/maintenance equipment, pallet jacks, and baler controls.
  • Recognize condition of product.
  • Listen to customer questions and responses.
  • Listen to intercom/phone.
  • Listen to co-workers questions.
  • Listen to vendor/driver questions/comments.
  • Listen to the sound of case cutter/department production equipment/ baler/pallet jack/cleaning equipment operation "noises".
  • Communicate with customers (respond to customers, greeting, and thank you).
  • Communicate with vendors/drivers.
  • Use the intercom/phone system.
  • Communicate with co-workers.
  • Read production equipment gauges/controls, case labels/strips, signs, tags, shelf signs, code dates, invoices, temperature gauges, reports, numbers and aisle markers.
  • Read equipment and chemical warning labels.

Inside work with extreme variations in temperature, dust, humidity from back door/compressors/ cooler/freezer.

SAFETY: * The employee will not use drugs or alcohol on the job.
  • The employee will not create a direct threat to the health and safety of others on the job.

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