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Responsible for managing clinical care on assigned patient care units. Responsible for ensuring programs run efficiently and according to standards of care and the requirements of the Hospital. Supports and maintains the program philosophy and structure. Participates in group meetings and is responsible for supervision of unit program schedules and staff. Coordinates with discipline Directors for oversight and supervision of all staff assigned to their floor/service.

  • Knowledge of skills necessary to work in a psychiatric clinical care environment
  • Knowledge of treatment plans, hospital admission procedures, and orientation for new patients
  • Demonstrates sound judgment and knowledge of safety and security policies to ensure that the physical environment is safe and secure for all patients
  • Ability to provide sound therapeutic intervention
  • Ability to responsibly exercise independent judgment in those duties that have been assigned
  • Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing with good typing skills
  • Demonstrates technical skills in use of physical restraints and seclusion with attention to patients and staff safety.
  • Ability to establish and maintain a therapeutic working relationship with family members for the purpose of support, guidance, and communication in the plan of care.
  • Interacts with staff and patients in a purposeful and goal directed manner
  • Interacts therapeutically with patients and demonstrates an understanding of basic principles of human behavior
  • Verbalizes and demonstrates through actions and awareness of the influence of behavior and personality of self and other staff on patients
  • Observes changes in patient’s behavior and health condition and reports such to the Lead Nurse. Accurately observes and reports changes in patient’s behavior, either as a response to treatment or as a sign of a potential problem
  • Performs and ensures admission procedures are carried out efficiently and in a supportive manner.
  • Collects pertinent data for patient assessment
  • Teaches and reinforces unit’s philosophy and regulations to staff, patients and visitors
  • Implements the hospital and unit policies regarding safety and security. Ensures appropriate procedures are followed in case of fire or fire drill, manages patient behavior and supervises groups closely to prevent injury and loss of control of patient and/or group
  • Utilizes effective communication skills both verbally and in writing and ensures entries in medical record are legible and demonstrates correct usage of English.
  • Keeps information related to patient identity, history and course of treatment confidential
  • May initiate restraint and seclusion and assess patient readiness for discontinuation
  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned.
  • Identifies problems related to patient care which require unit staff development programs; plans and implements such programs
  • As a member of the unit management team, collaborates with the Nurse Manager and Lead Nurse to identify problem areas related to staff performance and assists in counseling staff toward problem resolution
  • Participates in supervision process by developing staff and unit goals and taking action to reach identified goals
  • Demonstrates the ability to work with a variety of individuals regardless of racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, or sociological backgrounds
  • Ensures patient orientation to the unit upon admission
  • Implements programs as required on assigned patient care unit
  • Manages the milieu of assigned patient care unit
  • Coordinates program implementation with assigned Lead Nurse
  • Coordinates patient program needs with physicians
  • Performs patient record reviews daily (tracer audits)
  • Supervises treatment planning process and critical occurrence reviews
  • Debriefs staff and management of critical occurrences
  • Coordinates with external agencies relevant to patient case management with Clinical Coordinator staff
  • Performs monthly review of unit’s needs and resource allocation
  • Fully Participate in the Quality Program including but not limited to:
  • Ensure team is compliant with regulations, accreditation standards and all UHS and PIW P&Ps.
  • Audit charts to ensure compliance with regulations, accreditation standards and all UHS and PIW P&Ps especially related to:
  • A Tags
  • HBIPS/IPFQR Measures
  • Documentation Quality including completeness and content
  • Performance Improvement
  • Determine opportunities for improvement
  • Facilitate Performance Improvement Teams
  • Monitor performance improvement progress.
  • Collect data for all PI Plan measures, analyze data, develop action plans and submit report to PI Committee.
  • Develop Plan of Correction for any deficiencies, implement interventions, monitor progress and submit evidence of compliance.
  • Review and revise all applicable policies on a triennial basis or when policies and/or procedures change.
  • Participate in all regulatory site visits, as needed.
  • Address any staff deficiencies with retraining or disciplinary action.

The Clinical Program Director participates in the hiring, discipline, and discharge of, psych counselors and psych specialists and other clinical staff that do not have medication administration duties.

  • Active LICSW or LPC licensure in DC
  • Five (5) years experience working in a psychiatric clinical care environment, with direct hiring and disciplinary responsibility for staff
  • Competent in verbal, written and tech (email, Microsoft Office, Zoom.. etc) skills

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